Mr. Conan O´Brien - the proud owner of Copa #003
Pressrelease (PDF, in finnish)

Infopackage (in finnish only)
The Copacabana Guitar, Design Eero Aarnio
Press release, PDF (23/05/2006)

Please, when using these pictures, attach text Photo: Kimmo Levonen

Copacabana #001/100, JPG, Large.
Photo: Kimmo Levonen
The Copas #001 and #002, JPG, Large.
Photo: Kimmo Levonen
Copacabana #001/100, perspective, JPG, Large.
Photo: Kimmo Levonen
Back of head, details, JPG, 300dpi.
Photo: Kimmo Levonen

Pics from the Copa launch at Design Hotel KlausK, Helsinki
"The handshake", JPG, 300dpi.
Antti and Eero w. the Copa #001, JPG, 300dpi
1st gig by Mr. Jukka Tolonen, JPG, 300dpi.
Photos: Era Mikkola

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