The first six Copas are now ready!
Copa at Helsinki: 2008/2009
Eero Aarnio has been chosen as the recipient of the 2008 Kaj Franck Design Prize in Finland. The award is given to a designer or a team of designers with solid professional achievements. The purpose of the prize is to support a designer or a team innovatively creating industrially made products. In addition to granting the award, the Design Forum Finland also presents an exhibition of Eero Aarnio's works in their gallery in Helsinki from December 11, 2008 till January 11, 2009.

Copa at Berlin: 2007/2008
The retrospective exhibition of Eero Aarnio’s works "Retropop, Phantasie und Tagträume" will be on display at the Finnish Embassy in Berlin from November 8, 2007-January 4, 2008.
The exhibition is organized by Kunsthalle (Taidehalli) of Helsinki and prior to Berlin, the show has been to Mexico City, Washington DC, Copenhagen, Oslo and Helsinki.

Copa at Plan Suomi  2007
Eero Aarnio has designed for Plan Suomi (Finland) a "piggy bank" called Plan Pastilli which is shaped like his Pastil Chair. Plan Suomi is part of Plan International, a development agency focusing on the well being of children around the world. In addition to the small Plan Pastilli, Aarnio also designed a big Plan Pastilli which can be used in public places for collecting money to help children in need. The Plan Pastilli was presented to the press and public in August 2007 in Helsinki.
A famous finnish musician Mikko Kuustonen performed with Copa at Finlandia House.

We had to change Antti´s e-mail address due to increased amount of bullshit mails. Sorry for inconvenience!

Copa #005 is also white beauty!

Mr. Conan O´Brien is now new proud owner of Copa #003. More later. In Finland, see more at MTV3 wed 18.4. program 45 minutes (appr. 8 pm)... Pressrelease (PDF, in finnish)

Two new Copas are ready. #003 is white and #004 is green. The colours are exactly the same used in original products.

We designed a incredible Copacabana Amp with UralTone Amps. Copa Amp is not for sale at the moment ...but UralTone amplification offers great selection of components and replacement parts for all kinds of musical electronic equipments. Ask more.

We have designed a Copa cabinet. The first Cab is now almost ready. Please, wait a moment for pictures...

We have some nice video footage about the making of Copacabana Guitar. Please come back later to see some clips.

The first two Copas are now ready for the show. We are impressed how playable and good sounding the Copa really is... And it is light-weighted, below 3 kg!.

The press is very welcome to come over to the Designhotel Klaus K to meet the FIRST copas... Read more (in finnish)

Rainforest Concern associates with The Copacabana Guitar. Read more.

We are heading to the Big Day.
The Copabanana Guitar will be released at Design Hotel Klaus K in Helsinki on 23/5/2006.

Mr. Eero Aarnio and Plectra ry assigned a marketing and production contract of new Copacabana Guitar which is a natural follow up for Aarnio´s huge product line. Mr. Juha Lottonen has agreed for the luthier of the Copacabana Guitar.

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