Story of Copacabana Guitar
By Antti J. Kallio, Espoo 19.4.2006
Copa the story

I was browsing through Eero Aarnio’s furniture production and noticed a table, which shape reminded me of a guitar body. The more I thought about it, the better it looked. I thought that one day I might place an order for that kind of guitar. Soon I realised that no known designer had ever designed such a guitar, at least not one that was well known as far as I could remember.

I had just had a "Bo Diddley" box shaped guitar of my own design made by Juha Lottonen and all the technical details and measures were in my mind. I was comparing it to Aarnio’s Copacabana table and thought that this would be really something special if Aarnio would redraw it completely and give the guitar its final shape.

I prepared my presentation and all of a sudden I was meeting Eero Aarnio with two guitars in my hands, swetty, anxious and face blushing. I had my ex. J. Karjalainen Fender Telecaster from 1972 and the earlier guitar designed by me and made by Juha Lottonen. I also had a printed picture manipulation of the idea that Era Mikkola draw with me. Aarnio accepted the design task with enthusiasm and within couple of weeks the Copacabana Guitar was re-drawn in sufficient detail that it would be ready for production.

While acting as the editor-in-chief of the guitar magazine Plectra in early 90’s, I got to know a young talented guitar maker Juha Lottonen. Lottonen was natural choice – I wanted a guitarmaker who would be ready to jump into such big shoes – making the worlds first internationally known designer Eero Aarnio’s design guitar. In addition to the guitar which must look beautiful, it must also be a good instrument. I hope that this guitar will bring much joy and usefulness to all the guitar players and well as those friends who like the design.

Antti J. Kallio

Copacabana tables and Pastil chair by Eero Aarnio

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