The CopaBucker PickUp
By Mr. Rami Hakala
"The CopaBucker"

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Story behind The Copabucker
by Mr. Rami Hakala, Pickup Engineer
Mikkihouse ltd.

When I started the Pickup project with Antti, I soon understood that we are doing something really different: personal and recognisable sound but also practical in use.

When a guitar has only one pick up, the one has to be reliable in every situation. To achieve this, we arranged the traditional "pickup things and specs" in a new order. And suddenly The CopaBucker was born! In which the second coil is 1 – 1,5 kOhm more powerful.  This is why the sound does not run away through the backstage and out the door when the pick up is split in half.

But, the most important difference lies in the magnets, which are my specialty—these are the elements that made the Copabuckers sound unique.

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